Moose Hunting

Trophy Moose

There are few more thrilling experiences in the world than being 10 yards from a bull moose in the rut, with a bow in your hand. If this is something that you want to do, give Bob a call today, and he can fill you in on the details and answer every question you may have. 

Our moose hunt is never guaranteed.  What we can do however, is guarantee that with over 40 years of guiding experience and a detailed knowledge of the land, Bob will do everything possible to make sure your hunt is an enjoyable and successful one.

As a hunter you are looking for the right outfitter.  As an outfitter, Bob is looking for the serious hunter that is willing to put in the time and effort with him for the chance to harvest a trophy moose. Read the article “Moose At The End of The Rainbow“, featured in MidWest Outdoors!

There are limited moose licences available for both archery moose hunts and rifle moose hunts each fall.   Call or e-mail for detailed information on each.  Rates are set with respect to individual needs as far as being guided, or unguided and can be tailored to your individual needs.   

Archery moose hunt

quote-solidMoose hunting outfitting has been one of our specialties for over 35 years.  We let our reputation speak for itself.