Bear Hunting

Located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario, Rainbow Point Lodge offers some of the best quality black bear hunts any avid hunter can find.  With more than 40 years of guiding experience, your host, Bob, can provide you with the best possible chance of a successful hunt.

The Lodge has sole commercial hunting rights to a very large area of wilderness immediately surrounding the Lodge property at Perrault Falls. There is a very healthy population of black bears to draw from in this region.   Our central location in our zone, also means our hunters have relatively short distances to travel to get their hunting stands.

Trophy Black Bear hunt

Whether you are…

  • hunting by bow
  • by gun
  • or muzzleloader

…we will ensure you have an appropriate bait site to suit your needs. 

Honesty and hard work is how we run our hunts at Rainbow Point Lodge.  It is not a guaranteed hunt, and we don’t believe there can honestly be such a thing. Over the years we have hosted countless satisfied hunters and seen hundreds of successful hunts.  Make yours the next!

You don’t have to rough it when it comes to your accommodation at Rainbow Point Lodge. You’ll enjoy a comfortable stay in one of our modern housekeeping cottages on the shores of Perrault Lake for the week of your hunt. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the fabulous fishing here during the times you are not hunting.

Check out the Bear Hunting Facts below for everything you may want to know about the black bear hunt at Rainbow Point Lodge!  

quote-solidJoin us at Rainbow Point Lodge for an exciting black bear hunt soon! You bring a “Positive Attitude” and we’ll show you a black bear hunt to remember!