December 2017 Newsletter

2017 a Year to Remember

As we write this annual newsletter we are sitting at the Lodge a week before Christmas looking out at nearly a winter’s worth of snowfall on the ground already. We’d been spoiled for several years having late arrival of winter, but this year old man winter blew in before the end of October, and he never left. Just a week ago we had a 3rd big blast dumping 18” overnight, putting the area into lockdown. The highways were more like back trails, and clearing driveways was a huge undertaking for many with such heavy wet snow.   The early snow cover will mean poor ice conditions for the winter with lots of slush. Not good conditions for ice fishermen and snowmobilers this year.  

But enough of what’s on the ground, how about we tell you a bit about what happened last year!



Last summer was very busy one for Rainbow Point Lodge and our family.

Spring arrived very early at camp last year. We had the best year ever to be able to get to the outdoor projects we had to do, and we took full advantage of it. The tired old boat washing ramp at the main dock was torn apart (no light task) and a new one was put in. That ramp is a hive of activity each weekend as we clean our boat fleets after each guests’ use.

Repairs, renovations & upgrades were undertaken in several cottages including new flooring, ceiling, paint, fixtures and appliances. New exterior coverings were put on several cottages and staff quarters. New beautification undertaken with planters at each cottage and extra flowerbeds throughout. The Lodge was looking great for opening day!




New Log Pavilion Welcome Addition

The largest focus of our springtime projects was the completion of the new Rainbow Point Lodge Pavilion that had been started in the fall of 2016.

With the expertise of local woodsman, Burton, the log structure turned out fabulous.   It’s massive logs make it look like it belongs right where it stands and is a welcome addition to our the lodge. Our guests last season thoroughly enjoyed using it during our fish fry each week and many used it for extra group meals or events of their own, keeping them out of the elements during their stay.  

Gale & Burton with Flintstone Malet
Pavilion Complete!
Bob & Shannon staining logs



 So The Party Began!

The original idea for pavilion construction was to be able to host our daughter’s wedding.   It was up and ready for Karla & Kyle’s special day the 2nd of July. Everything went off perfectly, with the pavilion and a party tent set up to house the dinner, dance, and festivities. The ceremony was outdoors near the south shore of the Lodge, and Mother Nature was kind to us, giving us a perfect day.   With decorations of tree stumps, moose sheds, burlap, flowers, birch logs, and more, it was picture perfect. Wedding guests were able to stay in all of the cottages, and many took advantage of a few extra days and made it into a fishing trip as well.   A huge special thanks to our long-time guests Mike & Lori and Kent & Dawn from Wisconsin for lending their services while here to be our honorary bartenders, and to our buddy Greg from Green Bay for of his help getting set up and keeping Bob hydrated.   Much appreciated!


Wedding in the Woods at Rainbow Point Lodge
Have your special event at the Rainbow Point Lodge Pavilion


Now that we’ve had a trial run for such a special day, we look forward to hosting others planning their destination wedding, family events or reunions here at Rainbow Point Lodge, making use of this perfect woods pavilion, and of course our recreation room.   Keep us in mind. We’d be excited to help plan your special event too!

Seems love is in the air quite a lot the last few years, with several of our fishing guests getting engaged out on the lake, on our docks or down by the falls while here.   What a more perfect setting! Last summer we congratulated Zach & Sam from Little Chute, WI. on their engagement, and look forward to seeing them back perhaps for their honeymoon next year.




New Motor Fleet coming for 2018!

We are excited to announce that Rainbow Point Lodge guests will be able to enjoy touring around Perrault Lake using our new 25 hp electric start Yamaha engines.    Rainbow Point Lodge was one of 3 locations across North America chosen for the testing ground for the newly designed 25 hp Yamaha engines.  We’d been waiting for several years for this new version and couldn’t be happier.   Each week last summer the motor was run by a guest and at the end of the week the feedback was phenomenal . You’ll enjoy fishing with that extra h.p. and new engine features next summer.




 Perrault Lake & Fishing 2017

While the weather last season was not our usual perfect one, the fish didn’t’ seem to mind at all.   Congratulations to all of you who caught and released your trophies last summer. Special mention to Nick from Florida with his 32” walleye, topping the trophy list for 2017. Lonnie from Iowa with close 2nd with his 31 incher and there were countless trophies in the 27-31” class caught by guests throughout the summer.  We encourage you to send us your photos to add to our web album.  


Musky were hungry last summer too with Kevin releasing a 46 incher, Lori a 44” to mention a couple.   Huge smallmouth bass in the 19+” range, and crappie in the 14” + range were common throughout the summer. Northern pike were aggressive as well, with many in the 38-42 inch range. Great to see such great action and to know that these trophies are still swimming for another angler to catch even bigger next year!

Water levels were all over the map this past summer, from very high early in the summer due to many rainfalls, to very low late summer during drought like conditions.  Hopefully all this snowfall will mean good runoff in the spring to bring levels back up to normal.  




Black Bear Hunt Huge Success

To say the bear hunt last was very successful would be an understatement. The blueberry crop was sketchy, and other natural food sources scarce, so the bears were very anxious to check out the baits.  

1st time night out a charm on Luke’s bear hunt at Rainbow Point Lodge
Trophy blackbear for Jason’s 1st hunt at Rainbow Point Lodge

Nearly all hunters had opportunity to view bears, and many of them were lucky enough to harvest trophy bear last fall.  Jason from Minnesota harvested a solid 400 pounder and Luke from Green Bay harvested one around 375. These were just a couple of the hunters that left with great stories and great trophies.

Many guests ask about spring hunts, and this is something we will not be doing in the near future. We will be continuing to offer our highly successful bear hunt in the fall season, which starts August 15th each year. Plan early for your next bear hunt. We limit the number of hunters each fall and the spaces are filling up fast.




 On the Personal Side

Besides the wonderful things that happened at Rainbow Point Lodge this year, it was also a difficult year for our family, with the loss of Gale’s dad in July.   We were fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with him despite our distance, and are grateful for his rich life, and to our friends and guests who were so supportive during a very difficult time. 

We were also sadened to hear of the passing of a couple of our long time fishing guests.  We extend on our sincere condolences to their families.   We are blessed to be a part of your family memories, and are humbled to be included in your lives.

Since many of you have known us for as long as we’ve been here, we thought we’d update you on our girls.


We are happy to welcome Kyle Cooper into our family following his marriage to Karla, our youngest daughter this July at the Lodge. Kyle is from Newfoundland, and brings some good east coast humour (and Newfoundland Screech) to the family. We enjoyed celebrating with many Newfoundland family and friends who attended the wedding, and look forward to paying that province a visit someday.


Our oldest daughter Amanda is doing well, living & working in Manitoba (as does her sister), and is happy in a relationship with Ken who is actually from just north of the Lodge.  We hint to both girls if they want to take over the reigns from Mom & Dad some day, but that’s a long way off!     We are very proud of each of their accomplishments.




Rates & More ……….

In 2018 we will be celebrating our 34th year at Rainbow Point. Where have the years gone by? It’s great to see some of the 3rd generations now coming up since we started out.   We look forward to seeing you come up and see us next season. You’ll be happy to see that we have kept the rates for 2018 the same as 2017.   A fishing or hunting trip to Rainbow Point Lodge is still a fabulous value for a great experience.

If you haven’t made your reservation now’s the time.  Cottages are filling up quickly for all time periods next summer and also for the hunting spots.  Don’t delay.  Give us a call toll free at 1-800-282-9039, or book on line now through our reservation tab.  

With Christmas just around the corner (like you need to be told), just make sure you save enough money to make it up to Rainbow Point Lodge next summer.  If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for Christmas, consider a trip or value gift certificate for them to use on a fishing or hunting package next season. We’ll arrange to send a certificate for presentation at Christmas so you can surprise the lucky person in your life.



Sport Show for 2018

We’ll be attending 1 sport show again in 2018, January 18-21st, in Green Bay at the Radisson Convention Centre.  If you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by.  Always great to see old friends, and meet new people that will soon be our valued guests!



Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy & healthy New Year!


We wish you all a safe and enjoyable time with family & friends.

Your Canadian Hosts and Friends, Bob & Gale Extence

Rainbow Point Lodge