Updates and Upcoming Ownership Change Likely at Rainbow Point Lodge

2022 Is a Wrap!   Many Changes to Come. 

As we write this annual newsletter we are sitting at the Lodge shortly before the American Thanksgiving, looking out at a beautiful white world.  The hard water is starting to set in on Perrault Lake for the winter.  The Lodge is buttoned up for a long winter’s nap and we are preparing for a timely new beginning. 

2022 is a wrap!   What a year it was, and what a wild ride it has been for Bob and I for the past 38 seasons!    Yep… 38 years hosting amazing fishermen, hunters and families.  We have been blessed.  So many wonderful friendships made, so many wonderful memories!   And oh… the trophies we have seen, and the excitement we have heard when the stories were told!  Priceless!

Some of you have stayed with us throughout nearly all our years here.  We thought it was high time we gave some those long-timer’s some honourable mention until we realized just how many mentions there would need to be!  Let it be said that we hope you all realize that every one of you has meant the world to us throughout the years.

One of the greatest honours of being hosts at Rainbow Point Lodge for so long is seeing the kids who had once come with their parents fishing & vacationing, now coming back with their own kids!   Those parents shared one of the best possible family vacations with their kids.  They gave the gift of time to the kids one-on-one, away from the distractions of

Nothing like being on the Water!
Father and Son Memories being made!

everyday life. Time to enjoy the simple things like learning how to land and a fish, watching an eagle soar overhead, seeing baby loons on their mom’s backs, catching a glimpse of a moose or bear in the wild and beating the folks at a game of go-fish.  These are the things they remember, and we are so happy to have been a part of it all. 

Get the picture?  Rainbow Point Lodge is not just a fishing camp.  It’s a memory maker; the memory that ties you and your family, or you and your friends together, if not every year, maybe that time that you had SUCH a great time together.  You have made our memories too!   Thank-you very much.   Don’t stop making those memories.  Take the time off, grab that fishing pole and your camera, and head out to the lake.  You won’t regret it!

But for now, How about we tell you a bit about what happened last season!

From Drought to Flood & WOW…  Did We Flood!

We’d all hoped for some good snowfalls and spring rains to bring up the water table after last year’s drought conditions, & we got much more than we bargained for.  


High Water Damage

Perrault Lake was up 4 feet from it’s normal high-water level.   All of the stationary crib docks and ramps at the Lodge were submerged, and many were broken and floated off their foundations by the high water.  Then came the power of the lake ice breaking up.  Driven by high winds, the ice crashed directly onto our shores, slowly swallowing up everything in it’s path.   At one point Bob noticed one of our floating dock’s security ropes had been ripped off and a new section of floating dock would soon be washed down the falls if not caught somehow.  He instinctly jumped into what should have been 2 feet of water, now nearly 6 feet, up to his neck in frigid icy water to tie a rope onto the dock and get it secured to a tree on shore.  Probably not one of his safest moves as he quickly realized the massive sheet of ice could have easily pushed him over.  Thankfully he got the job done, unharmed.  I think he’s the only one around that did the polar bear plunge that early around here.


Spring Flooding 2022

 After spending most of 2021 closed or nearly closed due to the pandemic, time and money was spent re-building new docks.  The damage this spring was a huge hit for us.  Somehow, we managed to scab together enough docking for the spring guests to access their boats, by tying together pieces of floater, adding pallet ramps, and whatever we could scrape up.  Thank-you to our amazing, patient guests, for your understanding. All you needed was to get back out on that water after such a long time away.   


The “Detour” 2022

Highway access to our area was cut off several times due to washed out roads, and as season got under way, a goat trail of a detour was used by our guests to get past the flooded areas of Hwy 105.  Even that route was impassable at times.  As if Covid-19 wasn’t enough of a challenge, now you needed to face other obstacles to get to the Lodge. Finally by mid-June the Highway was passable again. 


Hwy 105 – 2022

In all of our years at Rainbow Point Lodge, and living in Ear Falls, we had never seen the lake up as high as it was last summer.  We were still fixing and replacing docks into August in any spare time we could find.  It was a very busy summer of projects to say the least.  As winter set in this year, the water level has receded down to what we would consider a low average once again.  




The high water meant a few different approaches this season to fishing.  Areas where you would normally be fishing a couple feet of water were now 6 feet deep, and shorelines were hardly recognizable.  The early spring fish were still in those same areas though, and everyone got their fill of fresh walleyes that they had been waiting so long for.  It was so nice to hear those boats heading out on the lake, and hearing the commotion in the fish cleaning house like it should be once again. 

The Pike and Musky fishery has really taken off the last few years.  Lots of excitement when there’s something over 40” spinning out your line. Plenty of trophies caught and released on Perrault Lake last summer.  Largest was 54″ on the Muskie, and 48″ on the Pike. Not too Shabby! The guests who were lucky enough to have one on the line are still telling their stories.  

Trophy walleye is still king of Perrault Lake.  32” was the largest landed at the Lodge this season, and countless were in the 26-31” range.   Everyone is great about releasing all the over slot fish (18” and over), and we have no doubt that the amazing fishery on Perrault Lake will do nothing but increase and improve as the next generations of fishers visit here in the years to come.  

What’s really great to see is all age classes are being caught,  from the 6 inchers to the nice eater 15 inchers, to the breeder size and trophy fish. There is no doubt that Perrault Lake continues to have an outstanding fishery.












Perch were on fire for much of the season.  The usual honey holes were producing, as well as lots of new ones.  It was a little trickier early season finding the holes in the main lake due to the high water slowing the weed growth.  That certainly didn’t didn’t stop the many perch lovers from finding them, many within sight of our docks.   Now that’s convenient!

We’d like to challenge all of the perch lovers to aim for a 10” minimum rule for your stringers next year. 

We all know there are plenty of jumbos out there and there will be even more if we all throw the little guys back. 





Crappie are on the rise on Perrault Lake.  Last summer the high water made them a little more elusive, but the ones that were caught were giants.  More for next year!

Fall fishing has been great every year and we’d highly encourage everyone to give mid to late September a try.  Seems the weather is nicer later too, so maybe you won’t need to bundle up al the time!





Back to Bear Hunting!

2022 was the 1st year seriously back into the bear hunt for us since 2019.  Last year most hunters were not vaccinated, so cancelled their trips.  The bear population had 2 years of zero pressure or predators, so the population is certainly in good shape.  This season, the blueberry crop was outstanding due to regular rainfall.  Hunters will know that usually doesn’t play well for the bear hunt, although our groups did very well in spite of that.  There were several quality animals taken, and many were passed up by regular hunters who were waiting for the bigger one than their last.  A few guys had the opportunity to watch sows and cubs and all their antics, and that experience made their trip as much as anything. 



Sport Show for 2023

Rainbow Point Lodge is signed up for the All Canada Shows in:

Milwaukee, Green Bay and Chicago in 2023.    

You are likely to be seeing a couple of new faces behind the booth this year.  More information to follow!


On the Personal Side – Bob & Gale 

Some of you know us and our family very well, and some have gotten to know us after our kids were grown.  Regardless, we’ll give you our family update!


Amanda, our oldest daughter, is married to Ken Robinson, originally from Red Lake, Ontario.  They have made their home in the small town of Stonewall, north of Winnipeg,  Manitoba.  




Karla is married to Kyle Cooper, originally from Newfoundland.  They now live on the outskirts of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Karla & Kyle blessed us with our granddaughter Cassie.  She is 3 now, and is quite the little person!  She loved being at the Lodge, hanging out with Nana and Grandpa, and we of course, loved every minute of it.  While her patience level for fishing isn’t quite there yet, she was content with playing with minnows and worms, and singing everyone a few songs.


We were so happy to have our family at the Lodge this fall all at once, & took the opportunity to take a few pictures together at this, our very special family home, Rainbow Point Lodge.

The Extence Family

Everyone has enjoyed visits to Rainbow Point Lodge in the summer time, and whenever they came we made sure to carve out as much free time as possible in our busy schedules to spend with them.  

Rainbow Point Lodge is a 4.5 hour drive for us to visit either of our girl’s homes, and we felt we didn’t get to see them all nearly enough.  Life is just too short, as Covid-19 taught us all.   In 2019 we started the construction of a home in the woods in the SE Angle in Manitoba. City folk we definitely are NOT!   We are now an easy 90-minute drive away.  The kids love coming our way too, for the woods, ATV & snowmobile trails, and fall deer hunting.  

In case you wondered about our winter mailing address in Manitoba, that is the reason.  You can update your address book for our personal contact to this address.  Until the lodge is transitioned, you can continue to use this winter address for lodge correspondence as well.       

Bob & Gale Extence, 63155 Rd 5N, P.O. Box 82, Piney, Manitoba, Canada   R0A 1K0



Possible Change of Ownership

Early January, 2023


Over the past several years we realized more and more that we needed to take time out for ourselves and our family.  It’s time to pick up a fishing rod more often, time to take a summer vacation, & time to explore new interests.  

The best way to do that was to consider passing the torch to another deserving person or people who would be able to carry on the high standard of service and hospitality that we have valued so dearly over the years.   While many of you may be surprised, many of you were well aware that we were planning for this timely decision.  We hope you continue making great Perrault Lake memories for many years to come.   Rainbow Point Lodge, the amazing guests, this beautiful property, and Perrault Lake, are all near and dear to our hearts.   We have spent a lifetime here doing what we love, and we have all of you to thank for helping make it the best job in the world!

What does this mean for you?

We’ll provide further details early December, on the new owners/hosts that may be greeting you at the sport shows this winter, and would be your hosts at the Lodge next season.  

Before this transition, we are personally looking after your reservations and enquiries as always, and are here to answer any of your questions.  Rest assured that cottage reservations we have confirmed, will be honoured.    

Thank-you all very much for your understanding, friendship and support.   


Your Hosts,

Bob & Gale


Till Next time,

Happy Thanksgiving

to our American Friends

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable time with family & friends.

Your Canadian Hosts and Friends,

Bob & Gale Extence

Rainbow Point Lodge