December 2016 Newsletter

Hello from the Great White North!

Gale & I are writing this note with the fireplace burning and the temp outside in the -25 degree range. I’m not much of a writer, but it’s either that or go outside & work, so I’m ok with the writing!

We are coming to the end of 2016 and buttoning up our 33rd season here at the Lodge.   This past summer was, as it has been the norm, a very busy but fun summer. 2016 was a year of many big fish, many challenges, many laughs, many improvements and many great memories.


Bob and Gale have hardworking, friendly staff members each season to make sure your stay is perfect.  Thanks for all your hard work everyone!
Bob and Gale with some of their 2016 staff members

We started off the season with some new staff members and training. The usual jobs like raking 8 acres, cutting trees, fixing roads, repairing docks, starting up 17 cottages, stocking the store, painting, etc, etc., all seemed normal to us, but was a big eye opener to some of the early, and unexpectedly short term staff. Once the right replacements were found, all was great. Having the right staff to work with us is key to having the Lodge run smoothly, and to having happy customers.     Big thanks to Louise, Shannon, Jasmine, Laine, Jared, Marija, and our weekend staff, for all your hard work and friendly service to our guests over the past summer.


Fishing Perrault Lake in 2016

Great Day for Jumbo Perch on Perrault Lake
Vinnie’s great day Perch fishing
Huge Crappie on Perrault Lake
Mark from Wisconsin was amazed with the size of the crappie he caught in July on Perrault Lake

The fishing was real good early just after ice-out and continued into the summer. Walleyes and northerns were plentiful with perch & crappies make a nice productive change to the day. Whitefish were caught fairly easily by the earlier, cold water fishermen and many nice muskies through the summer were photographed and released.  We see the quality of the trophy fishery improving every year with the release of all the big trophy fish. Walleye fishing has been exceptional!  See more great photos of the fishing and more this summer on our web photo album.  


Mother Nature

These fishermen may have waited a bit too long before coming back to the docks.  When a storm brews, get to shore! The weather was a mixed bag this season as it was for most of you back home as well.We started off with a very early, very warm spring which was great for all of our projects, and just when our guests really wanted the nice weather, it took a turn for cooler and wetter times late May and through June.  None of this deterred any of the fishermen…. Any day the fish are biting is a great day.  Just as we had started off in the spring, we ended off the year with an exceptionally long & warm fall. Even into early November we had temps into the 60’s, which is bizarre for this time of year.   Our fall grouse hunters had a great long season to be able to enjoy the woods, and the grouse were plentiful! 

Fish Fry Fun at Rainbow Point Lodge

Tacky-T Winner

This summer we had our Tacky-T-Shirt contest at our weekly fish fry once again, and we will continue to do so next year.  The fun behind it is to wear your tackiest look, or off the wall saying t-shirt to the supper, and prizes and laughter are shared after we eat.   Frank pictured here with Gale was the winner this particular week.  He was traveling to Rainbow Point Lodge with friends that had come directly from Germany.  What fun introducing people from another country to the great wilderness and fishing we have to offer. We look forward to next year’s entries, and meeting many more interesting people!

Projects and Improvements at Rainbow Point Lodge

Bob & I have many plans for major improvements to the Lodge over the next few years. Rainbow Point Lodge has been a 33-year process for us, always improving and evolving with the times, and this will never stop for us. We take pride in what we have to offer our guests.   Our end goal is to always give you the best possible accommodations, equipment and experience when you spend your vacations here with us.  Thanks for being our guests and friends, following us through our journeys!

Many loads of trees and stumps removed, and time to dig foundation holes
Groundwork on Pavilion area

This fall we got started on construction of a new 25 X 50 log pavilion at the fish fry area.    After many loads of limbs, and roots were removed, and many hours spent preparing the site, it was time to set the foundation posts.  We hope to be able to have our fish fry rain or shine from now on. There are two other reasons for starting this project. The 1st short-term reason being that our youngest daughter Karla is getting married here next summer & it will house the reception and festivities.   The 2nd longer-term purpose is that we will be able to promote Rainbow Point Lodge for family reunions, weddings, or any other events that a sheltered space would be an asset for.  We think the possibilities will be endless and hope all our guests enjoy this beautiful outdoor space during their visits here.  Have an idea for any event you might like to see here some day?  We’re always open to your ideas. 

Coming for 2017!  This will be a new covered pavilion to shelter our weekly camp fish fry, and special events.   Watch for Updates!
Lodge Pavilion support logs in place.
Well known for his great craftsmanship, Burton Penner has been contracted to work with us on construction of the Rainbow Point Lodge Pavilion
Artists concept of new Rainbow Point Lodge Pavilion

New Website Launched

We spent the better part of 2 months working on our new website.   Thanks to this new site and platform, we can make up a newsletter like this, or give important updates throughout the year easily.  Just stop by the website from time to time and see what’s new!  We hope you will take a few minutes to look at it and give us any feedback (good or bad), so we can produce the most current and informative website possible.  We hope to be able to update the video at the bottom of the homepage with current short videos of interest as time goes on.  


Photo Sharing

You’ll notice that we now have a photo upload feature on the site to make it easier for you to share your great fishing and hunting vacation photos with us.  Have something you’d like to share now?  Upload your photos now and we’ll include some of them in the website, or on our Flickr Photo Album. Thanks for being a part of the Rainbow Point Lodge story!


On a more serious note, we kept a few cabins open after your U.S. election, imageshoping to help some of the celebrities and displaced people leaving the states, but I guess they never made it this far north. No Starbucks or Saks 5th Ave I guess? Gale & I had opposing opinions before, and after the election, but we agree that he and his party need a fair chance.   All we can hope for is that our two countries continue to work together, as good neighbors, and that each remain strong & free.

Other things to do in the region

There are things to do around the area that some people may not have thought of before. Do you love ATV touring or have fun off-road biking? Combine some extra fun with your fishing or hunting vacation. There are an abundance of old logging trails in the area around the Lodge that would be a blast for touring. Enjoy scuba?   I’m still interested in anyone that wants to do a bit of scuba diving while they are here.  (It would be fun to have an excuse to do more than dive for my dock weights and water intake cleaning)   Give me a shout and we can talk about the details.

Reservations and Sport show

Thinking about a fishing or hunting trip with us next season? Now is the time to get things firmed up.   June and July dates are filling quickly, and we are near a waiting list situation for bear hunts next fall. Give us a shout any time Toll Free at 1-800-282-9039, or Reserve on line now . 

We will be attending one sport show this winter being the All Canada Sport Show in Green Bay between January 19th and Jan 22nd at the Radisson Convention Centre. Stop by and see us if you are in this area.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Bob & Gale at Rainbow Point Lodge, Ontario, Canada


Can’t wait to see you all next season,

but now is a different season!


We wish you a Very Merry Christmas, and all the best for the New Year.

May you be blessed with good health, good friends, and great fishing in 2017! 

Your Canadian Hosts and Friends, Bob & Gale Extence

Rainbow Point Lodge