Ontario Fishing Licenses

outdoors cardWe are pleased to be able to offer fishing and hunting licenses right at the lodge, so there is no need to stop along the way up. Just get them upon check-in. If you have a fishing or hunting outdoors card from a previous trip, whether it is valid or not, please bring it along to help streamline issuing you the new license.

The following information on Ontario fishing licenses is meant as a general guideline to the Ontario Fishing Regulations in our region. There are exceptions and size restrictions that are not shown here.  Go to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website for complete details on sanctuaries, exceptions, and the new Outdoors Card.

 For regulations specific to our fishing area, view the MNR Fishing Regulation PDF File.

Please note: Conservation Licenses have lower limits on the number of fish you can catch per day, but are cheaper.

Know Your Limits

Sportsman License

Limits: 4 Walleye, 4 Northern, 4 Bass, 50 Perch, 1 Trout, 1 Musky

Conservation License

Limits: 2 Walleye, 2 Northern, 2 Bass, 25 Perch

For all licenses please remember:

  • Catch within your legal limits.
  • Keep the smaller ones for shore lunch or taking home.
  • Release all fish over the slot size of the species to allow them to spawn and fight again.

The same size limits of various species apply to both Conservation and Sportsman Licenses. A conservation license for each person in a group is normally sufficient for allowing everyone to enjoy meals of fish while visiting, and still allowing for a few to take home. Using a Conservation License also helps ensure that our fantastic fishing remains for future generations.

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